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Photo Gallery

OUR TORAH & SUKKAH OUR TORAH & SUKKAH Torah Rabbi reading Torah...what a sight..Beautiful 37802886 Our Torah Rabstor with Torah Open on Shabbat Service. 37802887 Our Torah Rabstor Reading from Torah on Shabbat 37802888 37802889 37802890 37802891 37802892 37802893 37802894 37802895 Torah Cover 37802896 Torah Breast Plate Twelve Tribes of Israel 37802897 Torah Opened 37802898 Torah Closed 37802939 Torah Covered with Breast Plate 37802940 Mike Holding Torah 37802941 Torah Being Wrapped 37802942 Torah Wrapped up 37802943 SUKKAH Cody & Mike building Sukkah 37802944 Sukkah Cody and Mike getting instructions from the Rabstor 37802945 Sukkah Rabbi, Cody & Mike sharing nails 37802946 Sukkah Cody and Mike erecting the Sukkah... 37802947 Sukkah Moving ladder to next step 37802948 Sukkah Cody and Mike making progress 37802949 Sukkah Cody and Rabstor getting the lattice ready to put on 37802950 Sukkah Cody and Mike almost done with frame work 37802951 Sukkah First piece of lattice put up 37802952 Sukkah Rabstor and Mike talking it out 37802953 Sukkah Sukkah complete waiting for dressings. 37802954 Sukkah Front view of Sukkah without dressings 37802955 Sukkah Sukkah all finished and dressed out 37802956 Sukkah Sukkah entrance very pretty 37802957 Sukkah View of benches and chairs and flowers....very pleasing to Adonai 37802958 Sukkah Full view of entrance 37802959 Sukkah Full view better light 37802960 Sukkah another view angle 37802961 Sukkah Full Front View 37802962 Sukkah Builder Mike drinched after rain 37802963 Sukkah Builder Mike being a nut see what rain does 37802964 Sukkah Builder Mike losing it after the rain....calm down Mike....Help Us! 37802965 Sukkah Guest Lynda and Rabstor 37802966 Sukkah Guest 37802967 Sukkah Guest 37802968 Steve, Terry & Delilah 37802969 Sukkah Guest 37802970 God's Art Work 37802971