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Shabbat Message with topic of message with Scripture references

Service Readings

March 25, 2023

Topic: Don't Fret

Scripture References 3-25-2023

Do Not Fret

Psalms 37:1-40 CJB

Luke 12:29-34 CJB

Philippians 4:4-8 CJB

Colossians 3:23-25 CJB

Isaiah 55:6-13 CJB

Psalms 16:11 CJB

Mark 3:1-5 CJB

1 Thessalonians 1:10 CJB

Colossians 3:1-17 CJB


Hebrew Letter of the Day


The letter Qof (also spelled Kuf, or Khof) is the 19th letter of the aleph bet with a numerical value of 100. It originally meant the back of the head, or the eye of a needle and which also means monkey. It is the symbol of both the sacred and the profane – the peel, cover, or husk which represents the negativities in the world. Qof has to do with the requirement of removing the husk of the superficial to reveal the holiness within.

In Hebrew, Qof means monkey, a creature which resembles a human but is purely animalistic, with none of the higher capacities of a human. This indicates the requirement for a human to overcome his purely

animalistic nature and to emulate the image of the Creator he is made in, to realize his true spiritual nature beyond just the physical. The Qof is the only letter which extends below the line of the other letters, indicating descent into the lower world, but also the ability to ascend from there.

Quf is also" circle, go around". Qof represents all the cycles of nature, changing seasons, monthly and yearly cycles. It is the constant movement, circulation, and change of life. It could also represent that through the cycles of life that we see – evolution, growth, change, suffering, happiness, life experience – we are constantly worked on in order to evolve and realize our true spiritual nature.

The letter Qof is related to standing steadfast against temptations and the lowering of standards. It is a window for a new permission and a higher service in a new elevation, which call for loyalty, honor and self control.